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Castilleja School tuition cost

We encourage all interested families to apply.

We recognize that an independent school education is a significant financial commitment, an investment that lasts a lifetime. To ensure that Castilleja is affordable for all admitted students, we offer a robust Tuition Assistance program that meets the needs of a wide range of financial circumstances. 

Tuition Assistance

Our goal is to support families who cannot pay for the full tuition at Castilleja. Through an annual budget of over $4 million, 1 in 5 students receives tuition assistance. It is important to know that applying for tuition assistance has absolutely no impact on admission decisions.

By determining what each family can contribute to tuition, the Committee allocates awards ranging from $3,000 to $59,100, depending on each applicant's financial situation. Recipients of Tuition Assistance represent a broad range of income levels, from less than $20,000 to $500,000.

To learn more, please register on Ravenna for the Tuition Assistance information session on November 14, 2023.

More about Tuition Assistance

2023–24 TUITION

6th to 12th Grade Tuition & Fees are $59,600

Additional Expenses:

  • Books & Uniforms (new or used):
  • Laptop: $1,500–2,000
  • Tuition Insurance (optional):

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