With 11 Upper School and 9 Middle School sports offered across 3 seasons, Athletics are an essential part of life around the Circle.

If you swing by campus in the fall, you might catch a water polo game in Okawa Pool or a volleyball match in the Joan Z. Lonergan gym; in the spring, you’ll find the softball team out on Spieker Field and the lacrosse team practicing on the Circle.

Our teams are coached by former Division-I players and professional athletes, and our campus boasts state-of-the art training facilities. We win league titles and qualify for state meets, and many of our athletes go on to compete at the collegiate level.

Most importantly, Gator athletics contribute to our school’s sense of community and serve to support our school mission. At Castilleja, we know sports foster the teamwork, skills, and self-confidence that a young woman needs for a lifetime of effective leadership.

Our Mission

Athletics is an important part of the overall educational experience at Castilleja. Grounded in our Athletics Core Values, the program fosters the overall well-being of the student by developing athleticism, sportsmanship and teamwork. Through participation in sports at Castilleja, students learn life skills and develop positive character traits while striving for excellence in competition. Castilleja Athletics provides the community with a source of pride, unity, and school spirit.

Strategic Vision

Castilleja School provides a comprehensive and competitive Athletics program that complements and enhances the educational experience of academically engaged, intellectually curious, and athletic young women.

Sports and Seasons

Middle School
Fall Winter Spring
Swimming Soccer Volleyball
Cross Country Basketball Water Polo
Lacrosse   Golf
Softball   Track and Field
Upper School
Fall Winter Spring
Volleyball Soccer Swimming and Diving
Water Polo Basketball Track and Field
Cross Country   Softball
Tennis   Lacrosse








Meet the Team

Rich Mazzola

Titles: Athletics Director

Amy Chinn

Titles: Assistant Athletic Director, Head Coach, Varsity and VA Water Polo

Jessie Surface

Titles: Director of Sports Performance and Health Services, Head Athletic Trainer, Co-Chair Safety Committee

Chloe Sargeant

Titles: Faculty Member, Fitness and Wellness, MS Athletic Director
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